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Book on CD - Desktop Made Easy (A5V9)

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The Book on CD package contains the following on a CD:

  • A full copy of the book in PDF format. The book is filled with clear, concise instructions, color screen shots and has a Table of Contents and an Index. The PDF has Bookmarks and is searchable and printable.
  • The working database(s) for the exercises.

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Alpha Five Made Easy

The Basics and More for V9 Platinum (and Standard) editions


What's inside . . .

  • Everything you need to know about Databases and Tables
  • How to set up Field Rules and Data Entry
  • The principles of Sets and Mapped Tables
  • How to create outstanding Forms and Browses
  • How to wow your customers with Reports, Letters and Labels
  • What you need to know about Operations
  • Creating fancy and simple Buttons, Hyperlinks and Bubble Help
  • How to Find, Sort and Filter your data
  • Use Alpha Five for E-Mailing and Faxing and AlphaMailer for easy mass mailings
  • Enhance your application with Checkboxes, Radio Buttons, Listboxes and Tree Controls
  • Add outstanding Graphics to your database
  • Use Action Scripting to point and click your way to Xbasic
  • Get user input with Xdialog and create Custom Menus
  • Use Alpha Five’s easy design features with SQL databases

Check out the Table of Contents and then take a look at some sample pages . . .

Lesson 4: Forms & Browses
Lesson 5:
Lesson 10:

Book Specifications:
Size: 8 1/2 X 11
No of pages: 534
Cover: Heavy duty laminate.
Binding: Spiral Binding