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Mayflower to Missouri

Mayflower to Missouri

by Susan Hussey Bush

A pictorial genealogy of the Bush and Barrett Families

Ancestors and Descendants of Howard Lewis and Ruth Esther (Barrett) Bush

And others collected along the way

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 Readers will enjoy Susan's casual, yet thorough writing style. One look at the cover and you'll know this is not just another boring repetition of family lines, but a lively accounting of people and stories that created the rich history of America.

Aaron Celadon Bush
in his Civil War Uniform

In "The hole in great-grandfather's skull," Kathryn Bush describes how Aaron Celadon Bush survived a terrible and painful wound sustained in the Civil War.

"It was very sweet of you to write to me. Perhaps you wouldn't if you knew me." Mary Maroney, self-described as old and arthritic, responds to Ruth Bush's request for information on Howard's family. Read the letters she sent that help document the Bush line.

In 1836, before starting out to find a coffin for his mother in the nearest town, 15 miles away, Theron Landon piled heaps of brush around his house so that his younger siblings could set night fires to keep away the wolves that infested the area. Find out where he was and what he had to do when he couldn't find a coffin.  

Elisha Searle was captured by Indians during the very famous Pascommuck Massacre in 1704. He was taken to Canada as a young boy after most of the Massachusetts settlers in his village were killed. Read about what happened when he came back.

Read about the sacrifices made by so many Beedle family members who served and died in in the French and Indian and Revolutionary Wars.

"He's one of mine, too!" The author discovers that she and her future husband are eighth cousins, related through four lines. Read about their ancestors who were "partners in crime" in New London, Connecticut in 1649.

This book celebrates all the pioneers who stuggled to survive in new frontiers.

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