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 Welcome to Liberty Manuals Company


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Click here to check out Alpha Anywhere Web & Mobile Made Easy, The

Basics and More for 3.0 - Volumes 1 and 2! Learn to design web and mobile applications!

  • New Volume 2 book has been released!
  • Updated Volume 1 book now available!
  • Updated Enhance Your Desktop App! now available!
  • Download discounts on all books!  Buy 2 or more and get 10% off!
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  • HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Click here for our video greeting!

Alpha Anywhere and Liberty Manuals

Liberty Manuals is the leading distributor of Alpha Anywhere & Alpha Five books . . .

Did you know that Alpha Anywhere is powered by Alpha Five V12? That makes all our books compatible, no matter what the name.

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Alpha Anywhere Web & Mobile

Just what you need to learn how to use Alpha Anywhere to design web and mobile applications. Pick up a copy of the Report Writer, too.

Alpha Anywhere Reporting

EVERYONE needs this book because EVERYONE needs reports and charts!

  • Desktop, Web and Mobile, this one fits them all.
  • For users of all levels, but does assume familiarity with Alpha Anywhere, Alpha Five and/or SQL.

Alpha Anywhere on the Desktop

These books teach how to use Alpha Anywhere on the desktop. Be sure to add the Report Writer above to complete the package.

  • Alpha Anywhere Made Easy encompasses what you need to know in order to begin developing your own application. For users of all levels.
  • Enhance Your Desktop App! covers material you will find useful during the development process. For users familiar with Alpha Anywhere / Alpha Five database development.
    • Free upgrade! This book has recently been updated. If you bought the earlier book, you are entitled to a free upgrade. Click here for details
  • We also have books on Alpha Five V11 and earlier.

Alpha Five and Alpha Anywhere Development

  Be sure to check these out:

  • Alpha Anywhere Xbasic Workbook, by Dr. Peter Wayne, teaches the basic principles of writing code. (Formerly Alpha Five:Xbasic for Everyone, this classic sports a new cover.)
Both books are fully compatible with Alpha Anywhere & Alpha Five.
Alpha Five and Alpha Anywhere Functions & Methods

 We have two books on using functions:

  • Alpha Anywhere Functions Directory presents all functions and methods in logical categories. Intermediate & Advanced users.

    Both books are fully compatible with Alpha Anywhere and Alpha Five.

Our Trading Partners

 We are proud to work with these companies:

  • Alpha Software It has been our pleasure to have been associated with Alpha Software, Inc. for more than 20 years.
  • ZebraHost When you get ready to deploy your web/mobile applicatiion, you have to contact Clive!
    • Don't miss the ZebraHost special offer for purchasers of our web/mobile books! Click Here to read all about it!

Hard Copy - AA Made Easy - AA Desktop

Version 12

Electronic Download Edition - AA Made Easy -AA ...


Version 12
[this product is electronically distributed]

Hard Copy - Report Writer - AA Desktop, Web, Mo...


Electronic Download Edition - Report Writer - A...


[this product is electronically distributed]

Hard Copy - Enhance Your Desktop App! AA & A5V1...


Electronic Download Edition - Enhance Your Desk...


Version 11
[this product is electronically distributed]

Hard Copy - Functions Handbook AA & A5V5-11 Des...


Electronic Download Edition- Functions Handbook...

Alpha Five Functions Handbook
[this product is electronically distributed]

Hard Copy - Xbasic Workbook AA & A5V8-11 Deskto...

Xbasic for Everyone

Electronic Download Edition - Xbasic Workbook A...

Xbasic for Everyone
[this product is electronically distributed]

Hard Copy - Xbasic Toolbox AA & A5V11 Desktop, ...


Electronic Download Edition - Xbasic Toolbox AA...

[this product is electronically distributed]