Desktop Applications Made Easy

Alpha Anywhere Made Easy, The Basics and More for the Desktop

by Susan Hussey Bush

Learn to create desktop* applications FAST!

No previous experience or programming knowledge necessary

Also available for Alpha Five V9 - V11

Susan Bush is famous for her easy-to-follow tutorial guides that guide you from the initial development of a database through designing field rules, sets, mapped tables, browses and forms. The book continues with creating buttons and hyperlinks, using operations to manipulate your data without programming and adding images to your database. Later versions also introduce web/mobile style forms.

  • The step-by-step instructions provide a hands-on learning experience. You will use the included databases to work your way through each section.

Newbie or Pro?

Non-programmers: No previous experience with databases is necessary. The built-in features allow you to create highly sophisticated applications without using code.

Programmers: Alpha Anywhere / Alpha Five is known for its built-in features. Start with this book to get a quick handle on how it works and then move into its programming language, Xbasic, to tweak your application. More than one expert has told us he wished he’d started with our books because he/she would have saved time in the long run.

  • Available in Hard Copy, Book on CD and Electronic Download Editions.