Zebra Host Offer

Wondering how you will host your web or mobile application? Wonder, no more. ZebraHost will guide you through the process and give you personal attention any time you need it (we know because they host this website).

Get full credit for the cost of your book!

ZebraHost, the premier recommended hosting service for Alpha Anywhere web and mobile applications is making an offer you can’t refuse:

* Buy one or more Hard Copy editions and get $65 ZebraHost credit!
* Buy one or more Electronic Download Editions and get $25 ZebraHost credit!


ZebraHost services include:
  • Client & Server: One platform to build all parts of an application, client AND server.
  • Standards Based & Extensible: HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Phone Gap, Web Services
  • Wide & Deep Functionality: Enterprise reporting, charting, mapping, video, images, sound, scheduling, security and more.
  • Powerful Data Connectivity: Connects to data from all major SQL databases, stored procedures and web services.
  • Mobile and Personal Computers: Once written, applications run anywhere.
  • Touch Enabled: Supports Touch Enabled User Experiences on devices as small as 4 inches and as large as 4 feet.
  • Flexible, Scalable Deployment: ZebraHost is Alpha Software’s recommended for scalable load balanced Alpha applications.

Go to www.zebrahost.net for more information – or call Clive today at 877-736-8616.

 * Limited to books on web and/or mobile applications. Coupon code in book. One coupon per customer. Minimum 3-months hosting service. Credit applied after 3rd month active service. Book purchase subject to confirmation by Liberty Manuals.

ZebraHost is recommended by Alpha Software, Inc. www.alphasoftware.com > Support > Resources