Xbasic Workbook Description

Alpha Anywhere Xbasic Workbook

(Formerly Alpha Five: Xbasic for Everyone)

by Dr. Peter Wayne

This classic has a fresh new look!
Only the cover has changed, the content remains the same as in the original book.

Published in 2008, this book gives working examples of Xbasic scripts.

Dr. Wayne has been involved with Alpha Five since its earliest days and is known for his lucid explanations. He takes the reader all the way from an introduction to Xbasic to sophisticated Xdialog, ActiveX, image display, and AlphaDAO and Javascript. You can even "upsize your database" to MySQL.

In addition to teaching Xbasic, Dr. Wayne peppers the book with useful examples showing how to use Javascript and MySQL stored procedures to enhance your enterprise-worthy application.

This book is suitable for Alpha Anywhere & Alpha Five V8-11.

Includes working databases for the exercises and book in PDF format.