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New! Web & Mobile Apps Made Easy

Alpha Anywhere Web & Mobile Made Easy for 3.0 

Volumes 1 & 2

by Susan Hussey Bush



Step-by-step tutorials for learning to create web & mobile* applications. For experienced programmers and non-programmers.   Available in Hard Copy, Book on CD and Electronic Download Edition.

  • Everyone will learn a how to create professional web and mobile applications.
  • Programmers will be able to take what they learn here and go on to develop sophisticated applications in a fraction of the time required with other methods.

Alpha Anywhere makes it easier than ever to share data over an intra-net, the Internet and/or mobile devices.

In this book you will learn how to design web and mobile applications using Alpha Anywhere’s revolutionary low code concept that gives the ability to modify the code as desired!

This book follows the same step-by-step format that has made Susan's books famous in the Alpha Anywhere world. Here's a hint of what's inside:

The principles of web and mobile applications and how Alpha Anywhere makes it easy and fast!

  • How to create a web application in no time at all!
  • How to design mobile apps with the UX Component!
  • Learn about web pages, publishing, projects and more!
  • Learn the difference between client-side and server-side calculations!
  • How the help system will keep you going long after you finish the book!

How to add maps, calendars, videos and more to your application!

How to create a rock solid security system!

  • How to use date and time pickers, lookups, master-detail and more!
  • How to go live - and more good stuff!
  • And lots more - click Alpha Anywhere below to see the Table of Contents and some sample chapters.

Rave Reviews: Scroll down to read reviews on Susan's books.

*Alpha Anywhere has a "desktop side" and a "web/mobile side." On the desktop side, it can be used ot create stand-alone databases. On the web side, it can connect to data in any format to produce applications that can be viewed online and/or in mobile devices.

If you are looking for a database that you can use in a local environment, such one that is networked in an office, click here to get the "desktop" book.

If you want to put your SQL or DBF database online or connect to other data so that company employees and/or other users can access it over an intra-net or the Internet, click your software version below for the "web & mobile" book.



Author: Lee Taylor-Vaughn
Date added: 08/09/2010, 12:09


WOW! Great book/s - really awesome!
Author: “Old Tony” Freehof
Date added: 10/25/2008, 11:24


I love your books - have bought many of them.
Author: Raj Patel, Scotland, UK
Date added: 10/25/2008, 11:23


Just a wee note to say that I read your book entitled "Alpha Five Web Applications Made Easy" from start to finish and found it extremely helpful in what I am trying to achieve.

With my past experience mainly in desktop & networking design and implementation of Paradox based database applications, using Alpha 5 for web based database applications is different.
Author: Bill Petersen
Date added: 10/25/2008, 11:21


I am using your book and am very happy. I will be redesigning my web site soon… Thanks for a great book that a novice like me can follow!

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