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Electronic Download Edition - Xbasic Workbook (AA & A5V8-11 Desktop, Web, Mobile)

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This product is electronically distributed.

The biggest bargain on the Internet!

How can you pass this up? Even if you're only testing the software, you can't miss with this value. Here's what you get:

  • A full copy of the book in PDF format. The book is filled with clear, concise instructions, color screen shots and has a Table of Contents and an Index. The PDF has Bookmarks and is searchable and printable.
  • The working database(s) for the exercises.

We do recommend you use a print-out to aid in following the exercises. And we can't offer a guarantee because once you have it, well, you have it . . . and there's nothing to return!

Not to worry, like so many others, we're sure you'll be so impressed with this value!

Want to know more? Click the "Inside" tab(s) above to see book descriptions, table of contents and sample pages.

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Alpha Anywhere Xbasic Workbook

(formerly entitled Alpha Five: Xbasic for Everyone)

by Dr. Peter Wayne

Suitable for Alpha Anywhere and Alpha Five V8-11.

What's inside . . .

  • Discussion of terms, tables, sets, field rules and Action Scripting
  • Understanding Variables and Constants
  • Getting Input and Output
  • Understanding Variable scoping and Namespaces
  • Discussion on Functions, Methods and Properties
  • Using the Interactive Window, Debugger
  • Writing scripts for Events
  • Understanding Table Pointers
  • What you need to know about ordering with Indexes and Queries, Fetching records
  • Xbasic for Xdialog, Objects, Form Properties
  • Editing users and groups for Security
  • Adding memos and external files
  • Creating spreadsheets with Crosstabs and Exports
  • Creating a "month-at-a glance" calendar
  • Using Xbasic in web applications
  • Developing your own Object type
  • Using Xbasic with Javascript, AJAX and XML, ADO, ODBC and ActiveX
  • Upsizing your database with SQL
  • Real life examples for setting up an Aged Accounts Receivable and preventing Duplicate Records, creating Time sheets, adding a Running Balance, a Detail General Ledger and an Audit Trail to your financial reports, as well as scanning in Insurance Card data—and more!

Check out the Table of Contents and then take a look at some sample pages. . .

Chapter 6 - Getting Input and Output
Chapter 25 - Creating a Detail General Ledger
Chapter 30 - Xbasic control of Form Properties

Book Specifications:
Size: 8 1/2 X 11
No of pages: 456
Cover: Heavy duty laminate.
Binding: Spiral Binding

The 2008 edition was written for Alpha Five Version 8, but, is also applicable to Alpha Anywhere and Alpha Five Versions 8-11.