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Hard Copy - Xbasic Toolbox (AA & A5V11 Desktop, Web, Mobile)

All books available in Hard Copy, Book on CD and Electronic Download Edition. Save on Combos & Bundles.

Unless you specify 3-hole punch, books will be spiral bound.

Nothing beats the hard copy!

The moment this book arrives, you will know you made the right decision because you have full color for the price of black and white at the copy center.

Here's what you get:

  • A full color printed copy of the book, filled with clear, concise instructions and color screen shots plus Table of Contents and Index.
    • Your choice of Spiral Binding or loose pages, 3-Hole Punched, ready for insertion in your own 3-Ring Binder.
  • A CD containing the full contents of the book in PDF format. The PDF is searchable, printable and includes the Table of Contents and Index. Great for hitting the road.
  • The working database(s) for the exercises in the book.
  • A free copy of the Electronic Download Edition so you can get started immediately. Automatically added to your order.

Want to know more? Click the "Inside" tab(s) above to see book descriptions, table of contents and sample pages.

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Alpha Five Xbasic Toolbox

Writing Code Made Easy

Fully compatible with Alpha Anywhere and Alpha Five V11


What's inside . . .

Ch 1: Learn the Basics!
Basic terminology, script syntax, running a script, understanding the Code Editor and Interactive Window.

Ch 2: Compose the code!
Learn all about variables and how to write expressions. Get the details on properties, methods, objects and sub-objects. Discusses object events and addresses, as well as manipulating them to accomplish your goals. Bubble help makes writing scripts quick and eash.

Ch 3: Get the bugs out!
The Alpha Five Debugger is a valuable tool that should be understood by all developers.

Ch 4: Refine the script!
Learn about variable scoping and where variables are defined, as well as pointer, dot and array variables. Create global (user defined) functions and dlalog boxes. Also discusses classes and enumeration.

Ch 5: Take Action! Save Energy!
Employ Action Scripting and Action JavaScript. Create dialog and message boxes.

Ch 6: Take it to the world!
How and where to write code for web applications. Understanding the client-server model. When and how to use JavaScript. Creating an AEX Library and saving functions for future use.

Ch 7: Create AJAX Callbacks!
This section uses a set of videos as its inspiration. Learn what AJAX callbacks are and how they are written.

Ch 9: Get Help!
Alpha Five has thousands of pages that assist in script writing. Learn how to use the Documentation Viewer and Video Finder to find treasures tucked inside these valuable resources.

Ch 9: Like the tools!
Review of tools discussed in the book. More on the Debugger, Interactive and Libraries. How to create a Connection String and where to get more information on Xbasic.

Check out the Table of Contents and then take a look at some sample pages . . .

Ch 1: Learn the basics!

Ch 6: Take it to the world!

This book uses a database supplied with Alpha Five / Alpha Anywhere.

Book Specifications:
Size: 8 1/2 X 11
No of pages: 264
Cover: Heavy duty laminate.
Binding: Spiral Binding