Desktop Made Easy

I am finally on page 395 of Alpha Five Made Easy v8. Thanks for the invitation to email you.

Your book has been just what I wanted, someone to take me step by step and walk me through every little detail of learning Alpha Five from the ground up. It feels like you are right there with me!

I am coming from the DOS programming world (FoxBase+) so the move into the Windows world has been a little traumatic at times. OK, very traumatic. Like learning to walk all over again. So I needed someone to show me the ropes. And I found that person in your book.

Your books are really great! Please keep writing more.

I can add that I have learned a lot from reading many computer books, from Dummies to Bibles, and I find that your books are among the best, in terms of usefulness and attention to detail. They could all use more of your humor because it helps digest all the technical stuff.

Thanks again
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