I am wading through your web project book

Really well done.

Alpha 5 is something but your book[s] are invaluable & an essential for all.

Looking forward to V10 & your book.

I am full of praise about your style and clarity. There is a crying need for a book as A5 is aimed for an audience like me.

Videos are all well and good but you need to stop them in the middle. They are good if you are pretty well aware anyway.

Michael Benjamin
Access programmer & Alpha Five enthusiast
Another note from one of our biggest fans -

"I use your manuals everyday for reference, and guidance. You have us do many things that in the “real” world need to be done in many applications, and I always think, How did Susan have me do this in her book?

"My only regret is that I didn’t buy the printed V9 books, I bought the V8 books, and pack them to the couch when I watch TV to look up what I need to do to finish an area that has me stumped. The PDF manuals are great while I at my computer, but sometimes I go out to the patio and pack my SUSAN book, and just browse for ideas. I will buy the V10 manuals.

Thanks again for your great books. I’m an old Clipperhead trying to learn new ways, and your way WORKS FOR ME!
Of course you can quote me, your books are a real pleasure. I just downloaded the functions PDF, and it looks great. Not that the manual isn't, it is just that I'm finally getting used to using online documentation.

The A5 help is really nice to have a keystroke away while coding, but sometimes my grey matter can't see the forest for the trees, and your perspective brings some complex views down to a level that makes everything clearer. After a brief read in the Liberty manual I usually smack myself for 'not getting it'!!!

Your A5MadeEasy manual has shown me so many shortcuts that I missed from the help file, and makes my apps look much spiffier. I have the V8 Manual, and the V9 PDF. Those and the function manual and now the function PDF will be my reference bibles from now on.

Thank you for your excellent personal service.
Thanks for your excellent Alpha Five books. They have helped me increase my A5 skills considerably.
I am learning a great deal from your book. I went through the V8 book several months ago, but I was using Alpha Five V7 at the time. I’ve upgraded to V9 and found such a difference between the two versions, that I bought the new book. I’m very glad that I did.

I also have “Alpha Five Functions Handbook”, which I will go through next, and then Dr. Wayne’s “Xbasic for Everyone.”

I have ordered the 5-hour video DVD that Alpha Software just made available. I should be able to make good use of this program someday.

My initial goal is to create a working database for my son-in-law. He has a one-person contractor business (repairs doors). He is now using QuickBooks to run the financial end of the business, but feels restricted by the program.

Thank you for writing the “Alpha Five Made Easy” books.
I really like your manual...very informative, a good level of tech talk. I'm hoping to get my bookshop's book list up on the web soon!
I see you have a new book out. You are the only provider of decent learning material.
I love your book "Alpha Five Made Easy, The Basics and More for Version 8". I would not have bought Alpha Five, Version 8 if it were not for this manual!! No way was I going to try and figure this out from the regular Alpha 5 manual. I wanted a step-by-step guide on how to build a database and use some of the advanced features and you delivered! What a thorough job you did, too!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I hope you continue to write your books for the new versions of Alpha 5. I won't be upgrading without you.
… great manuals by the way - much enjoy using them. That can’t be said of most that are out there. The books are excellent.
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