The following was posted on LinkedIn 10.29.12. Reprinted with permission.

We have used both the Liberty Manuals training materials and Alpha Five Total Training by Steve Workings. There is definitely a great deal of overlap but the repetition is helpful. Both are excellent resources. I would use the video library to supplement these and get more detail on some items.

Andy added later,"Thank you for a well thought out and well written text."
I have purchased your books on A5 and found them very helpful. Since I have begun writing programs with A5 there have been many times I have looked back at your books for information i.e. about combo tools).
I've been doing Access, R:Base, dBase, Mssql, and and others for many years. The switch to Alpha was difficult for me primarily because the amount of options for properties, methods, and controls was immense, PLUS for web apps you have to re-think the approach to your project.

If not for your excellent manuals I would have given up and blamed it on the software.

At first I thought the complete set was too expensive, but I took the chance and found it to be the best investment in my project I've ever made.
Reading your manuals has been an absolute treat, most are written by those in the know for those in the know, I like your style.

(Bryan works with Dreamweaver CS4, PHP and MySQL)
Thanks for your work on the Alpha Five books. I have bought a lot of them from you and I like them
I am now three quarters through your book and must say I am VERY, VERY impressed by the detail, accuracy and clarity of your writing. I can’t wait for the V11 version of your book.

I don’t know if the average “first world” user appreciates how lucky they are having good comms, fast internet, being able to watch videos online, communicate easily with other users.

Here in the third world, we would be lost without books. That’s why I so much appreciate finding a book as clear as yours.
Following are excerpts from an email that Howard sent to Susan:

“. . . . I am now better informed on the subject as always with your fine books which are so replete with information in a digestible format.

“. . . . Your books are absolute essentials for all users of the software, especially as you write them from a non techie point of view. After all we the users need to know how and to do it with as little resistance as possible.

“[Since I have recently written a book], I now appreciate how difficult it is to produce books, especially real world books that need to be accurate. You are very accurate and that is a major feat, given the sheer size of . . . manuals for Alpha Software.”

Note: Howard’s book, Law in Four, shows the American student how to become a lawyer in less time and for less cost. More info at http://www.lawinfour.com/.
As an experienced, professional developer, I like to start small with a new tool (Alpha Five in this case).

After going thru all the A5 videos, and help files, your help book is much more thorough, and more readable. You have done a great job, and I'm only to page 32!

I will go thru the book cover to cover, and then to Web side.

Brother Bill
Follow Ed on Twitter - he will be happy to discuss Alpha Five and the web book: Alpha5edri

Here's what he had to say after he finished the book:

I learned many Alpha5 v10 web tricks. I liked "Fun with Fields" and "Sweet Searches."
Your manuals are the only reason I upgraded. I would not have bought version 10 without your manuals to walk me through creating a database and how to use each of the features.

I had originally bought Alpha 5 version 8 only when they bundled it with your electronic version. That's what sold me! I am not developer or a programmer so your manuals are the only chance for me to learn how to do some of the advanced features that only a programmer could have done.

You and Alpha5 make me look smart! Thank you very much Susan for all the work, effort and sacrifices you went to to create this manual.

Very grateful. David Rowe
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