Excellent books! I would not be as far along with Alpha Software had it not been for Susan's books. As a matter of fact, I'm almost finished with the Alpha Software version 3 book. Thank you for spending as much time as you have on the new disconnected feature of Alpha Anywhere. Awesome!
[Your books are] Very well written by the way.
Someone else writes the songs that make the whole world sing but you write the books that make Alpha Anywhere shine:)
We're new Alpha developers and we bought a package of most of your books and are loving them.
You have great books. I need to brush up on some basic Alpha skills and these will be great in my library. :)
You books are great and really useful.
Thanks for the swift reply and the download. Have received the manuals and they are fabulous ! Been away since A5v4.
Hi Susan

Thanks for all of your Help and once again BRAVO!!!! for these wonderful books offering us at libertymanuals.com

These books counts a lot to my decision for replacing Microsoft Visual Foxpro with ALPHA Anywhere.

ALPHA Anywhere seems to be a great tool , easy to learn and MUCH more easier to learn reading your books.

By the way, great book Susan, very interesting and pleasant to read. Keep up the good work!

Best regards from France,
I have bought most of your books and loved them. Will definitely get the latest ones.
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