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Functions: Alpha Five Functions Handbook (V5 & later


Alpha Five Web & Mobile Made Easy, The Basics and More for 3.0 - Volume 2

First Printing (as of 12/23/14)


Page 127:
Video References (bottom of page): UX_V12--77 should be UX_V12--76. UXM_V12--8 should be UXM_V12--7.
(Thanks to John)


  Alpha Five Web & Mobile Made Easy, The Basics and More for Version 12 - Volume 1

First Printing (as of 12/12/13)

Important Note:
Files referenced in this book are located at c:\Alpha_WebMobileBook_Volume1_V12 \ ABC_WebMobile_Lessons\ABC Seminars (Alpha5 Document. This workspace should be used for all exercises in the book.

Page 31 & 32
There are two errors that cause confusion between Order and Filter.
Page 31. Screen shot should show the lastname entry in the Order textbox (not Filter).
Page 32. Step i: Double click Lastname to place it in the Filter window. Should say place it in the Order window.
(Thanks to Jack Poronsky & Matthew Fleck)

Page 40:
Step 29: Should say: Project: Select the default, MyMailingList (not MailingList).
(Thanks to Jack Poronsky)

Page 72
Calls for the Grid Component Demo project. If you cannot see it, go to File > Open Workspace.
Navigate to c:\Alpha_WebMobileBook_Volume1_V12 \ ABC_WebMobile_Lessons\ABC Seminars (Alpha5 Document).
This is the Alpha Anywhere file that contains all the files referenced in the book. You will no longer be able to see files you created previously, however you can use the sample files when necessary. Sorry for the confusion. Susan Bush
(Thanks to Ian Wellings)

Page 120 (top of page):
The report is in the MailingList project and must be copied into the MyMailingList project.
Step 16: Go to the MailingList project > Reports (inset).
   a. Select CustomersByState.a5rpt: Right click > Copy To.
   b. Destination project: Choose MyMailingList. (Click OK)
   c. Return to the MyMailingList project > Reports.
Continue with step 17 as directed.
(Thanks to Ron Schectman)

Page 144:
Please note that the template expression goes over to the next page. Easy to miss, as Stephen discovered.
(Thanks to Stephen Attwood)

Page 151:
Step i: Prior to selecting Animation Type, you need to check (yes) to Animation (otherwise you don't see the Animation Type option.
(Thanks to Stephen Attwood)

Page 152:
Go to Alpha video is on page 148 (not page 152).
(Thanks to Stephen Attwood)

Page 158:
Step 24 i: Code should be {Grid.ChildObject}.clearVideo(); (not .closeVideo)
(Thanks to Ron Schectman)


Alpha Five Web Applications Made Easy, The Basics and More (Version 11)

First Printing (as of 11/6/12)

Page 44:
Step 4a: Location of file should be C :\A5_V11_WebAppBook\ABC_Web_Lessons\Images\ABC_Seminars_Logo600w.jpg,
(Thanks to Mark Gibbs)

Page 56:
a. Sort by Company. Should be Sort by City.
(Thanks to Richard Barth)


Page 81:
Add the following: Step 1a. Choose Start a new empty Project. (Click OK).
(Author's notation)

Page 81:
Borrowing files for a new project > Lesson setup.References to"previous chapter"  should say "Chapter 2."
(Thanks to Richard Barth)

Page 82:
Step 33: Path should read c:\A5_V11_WebAppBook\ABC_Web_Lessons\ABC Seminars.WebProjects.
(Thanks to Ken Sprankle)

Page 83:
Duplicating pages and components . . . .: Change to Renaming pages and components. We will rename the web component and one of the pages.
Step 14. Right click on the file, choose Rename for the following:
Step 14 a & b. Change Source Filename to Old Filename and Destination Filename to New Filename.
(Thanks to Richard Barth)

Alpha Five Made Easy, The Basics and More (Version 11)

First Printing (as of 3/2/12)

The following corrections are courtesy of Bryan Page.

Page 90:
Step 45: Right click on MyCustomForm (not CustomForm).

Page 113:
Step 34: Tabbed Object: Right click > Properties or choose F12.

Page 117:
Step a (bottom of page): Right click on the embedded browse. Choose Properties.

Page 135:
After step 7: Browse1:Paid_Date should be Browse2:Paid_Date.

Page 167:
Step 5: The name of the button is Run Find (not Run Query).

Alpha Five Web Applications Made Easy, The Basics and More for Version 10.5

First & Second Printings (as of 8/19/10)

Unless otherwise noted, the following corrections are courtesy of Mark Moss.

Page 26:
Step 30. Eliminate 4th bullet. There is no Target frame, window or DIV option for this link type.

Page 38:
At the bottom of the page, there should be an instruction to click OK to save the Style Editor change.

Page 43:
First bullet: Field Rules are actually set to WORD (capitalizes 1st word in string) so result will be Usa, not USA.

Page 50:
Step 38: Arrow down to place the cursor below the blue (not red) line.

Page 66:
Step 27: Screen shot does not show Secure Project directory. Should read same as Step 24.

Page 81:
Step 8: Should read "Click on MyLoginPage.a5w (not LoginPage).

Page 160:
Insert Step 11a: Return to Design mode without saving.

Page 162:
Step 15: Rate: 128.99 (not 128.9999).

Page 163-5:
The record for "Steele" is missing from the database. Please use another record, such as "Campbell," or create a record for Mary Steele in the clients table.
(Thanks to Bishop)

Page 166:
Operators > Field: City should read ". . . we will not show the value in the city field if the last name is Bush or Steele (not first name = Susan or Sally.

Page 170:
Group of three graphics: The last one should be titled Tabular, not Simple Layout.

Page 171:
Insert Step 10a: Options > Pack > Pack option properties > Show Select all Tables: Reset to Yes.

Page 183:
Step 39c: Should be "Allow additional rows to be saved" (not records). (Thanks to Bishop)
REFRESH, Step b: Delete (Hot Key = F6). Change to Then click the Working Preview tab again. At this writing, there is no hot key for Working Preview. (Thanks to Mark Moss)

Page 188:
Move, delete or rename templates: Change "Manage projects" to Manage templates" due to wording change by Alpha.

Page 189:
After Note at top of page, add step: Click cancel to close the dialog.

Page 198:
Step 24: Remove the bullet about the placeholder. In V10.5, links work in Working Preview, so the image will appear.
Steps 25 & 26. Eliminate. It is not necessary to go to the browser to see the image.
(Thanks to Bishop)

Page 437:
Step 5: If you have not already done so, choose the MyGridComponentDemo web project (not MyMailListProfile).
(Thanks to Doug French)

Alpha Five Made Easy, The Basics and More for Version 10

Free upgrade to the Version 10.5 book now available.  Click here to request your new download edition. Version 10 book owners only.

First Printing as of 12/2/10
Page 7:
Bullet 3. A Set is a combination of tables that is discussed in Chapter 3.
(Thanks to Mike Parks & Elliot Rosa)

Page 19:
Preparation for the lesson: Instructions for opening an existing database are on page 14.
(Thanks to William Steinberg)

Page 22:
Step 10. Select the Client ID field. Click the Radio Button for Calculated.
(Thanks to Elliot Rosa)

Page 26:
Step 32: Change bullets to the following:

    • This will allow only numbers to be entered. The hyphen will be inserted as necessary.
    • Zip only: 07760; Zip + Four: 07760-045307760-0453 (hyphen remains if you enter and then remove the last four digits: 07760-).
      (Thanks to William Steinberg)

      Page 41:
      Spell Checking a Memo Field. The field that is supposed to have the misspelling is empty. To test, enter the text that is in the screen shot and then complete the exercise.
      (Thanks to Elliot Rosa)

      Page 74:
      Go to video: Should be "Go to Top Menu > Help > What's New in Version 10 > Desktop Videos > Debugger. (There is additional information at Xbasic > Debugger Features.)

  • (Thanks to Bishop)

    Page 75:
    Change steps e. to h. as follows:
    e. Click Close.
    f. Go to Form View.
    g. Re-open Object Explorer.
    h. Place your curstor in a text box.
    (Thanks to Bishop)

    Page 140:
    Step 1. Drag the country field onto the form. . .
    (Thanks to Al Lenkner)

    Page 107
    FONT: Remove "Centered." This is set in Layout properties below:
    LAYOUT: Align: Center. (Horizontal alignment was also set with the Text Toolbar.)
    LAYOUT: Vertical align: Center. (Centers the text vertically within the box.)
    (Thanks to William Steinberg)

    Page 142:
    Step 18: Change bullet to: "The field appears in uppercase in all records FOR THIS FORM ONLY. If you check the Default Browse, you will see that it has been entered in upper case. This will be true for all records from this point on. Previously entered records will maintain their original formatting."
    (Thanks to Paul Zieper)

    Page 203:
    Labels and Fields: The same process works for the top ruler.
    Step 9a. Right click on the top Ruler to see the following choices: Align Left, Right, Center and Center of Widest.
    (Thanks to Al Lenkner)

    Page 206:
    Step 5. The expression in the library is similar to the one created in Step 4, but not exactly the same. It says Open Date instead of Starts and End Date instead of Ends. Feel free to modify it if you like.
    (Thanks to Al Lenkner)

    Page 214:
    Step 35. Fill: Originally, it was necessary to choose "white" before defining the dynamic expression in order to keep the fill color off the design window. That is no longer necessary.

    Page 220:
    Step 39. Fill: Same as p. 214 above.
    (Thanks to Al Lenkner)

    Page 218:
    Step 23. Field Properties > Tab: Setup > Expression: click the Smart Button.
    (Thanks to Al Lenkner)

     Page 240:
    Step 16.The "FormForReport" form is missing. We apologize, but you can easily create a new one based on the clients table. Choose a few fields and add a text header. See screen shot on p. 239 and footnote on p. 240..
    (Thanks to Paul Zieper)

    Database and Page 255:
    Step 7. Import revisions due to A5 patch after release of book. Click here for PDF corrections.

    Corrects the path for Ascii and Excel Import operations in Chapter 6. The fix is in the database files in the yellow box above, but be aware that any work done to date will be overwritten.

    Page 302:
    Add new step above #7. Ungroup the NOTES field / label or click twice on the field object to select it for editing.
    (Thanks to Paul Zieper)

      Alpha Five Web Applications Made Easy, The Basics and More for V8 & V9 Platinum:

    First Printing as of 1/10/09
    Page 77:
    Step 1. Should be open: MyMailListSecure.
    (Thanks to C.K "Cliff" Monzeglio)

    Page 118:
    An error message appears after Step 9. This is a bug (reported to Alpha). Click OK. Step 10: Project appears.

    (Thanks to Craig Hudson)

    Page 130
    Step 1 (p 130) should say “Open the MyMailListSecure (or MailListSecure) web project.” The screen shot will be similar, but will not have the Directory One folder. 
    (Thanks to Craig Hudson)

    Page 132:
    Step 9. Should be open: MyMailListSecure (or MailListSecure) web project.
    (Thanks to Craig Hudson)

     Alpha Five Made Easy, The Basics and More for V9 Platinum

    First Printing as of 12/11/08

    Special thanks to Peter M. from Sweden for all of the following notes.

    Pages 4 & 16:
    There are 15 types of fields, not 13. All the field types are listed correctly.

    Page 50:
    Preparation for the Lesson: Sets: Should be seminars_browse, not seminars_rept.

    Page 66 (step 47)
    Parenthesis added for clarification of expression: (no_persons * rate) - amt_pd

    Page 73
    There are three tabbed interfaces, not two.

    Page 102 (step 9)
    Add Gradiant Radial and Pattern to the listing of fills. 

    Page 168 (step 5), 422 (step 20), 430 (step 48)
    Should be Control-Type, not Field-Type. 

    Page 267 (steps 25 & 26)
    Existing records end with ID 00019 and new records begin with ID 00020.

    Page 294 (step 1 & bullet above)
    Should be RegistrationsLink report, not MyRegistrationsLink.

    Page 307 (step 38)
    Hover over the Notes field, not the City field.

    Page 358
    The descriptions for Line 3 and Line 4 are reversed.

    Page 467
    Settings for XP Themes are at View > Settings > System > Preferences.

     Alpha Five Made Easy, The Basics and More for Version 8 Corrections:

    First Printing as of 7/9/08

    Page xi:
    Step 23. Drag the following field to the empty space:
    Calculated Fields: Field: Amt_Due.

    (Thanks to David Gilbert)

    Page 33.
    Screen shot at top of page. This screen no longer appears. You will go directly to the second screen shot,
    so you can delete Step 21: Click Resume.

    (Thanks to Evan Vasilew)

    Page 32:
    Step 19. Place the cursor in the Company field of CLIENT ID # 00001. (Not Record # 00002).
    (Thanks to Ronnie Underhill)

    Page 124:
    Top of page. Expression is missing a space between the first set of quotes. Should be “ ”
    (Thanks to Evan Vasilew)

    Page 177:
    Step 8. Expression has an extra parenthesis – [ ) ] - at the end.
    (Thanks to David Gilbert)

    Chapter 12:
    There is an error in terminology throughout this chapter. Firstly, the Web Application Server is now called, simply, the Application Server. More importantly, the chapter is not primarily about the server, but about “How to build web applications using Alpha Five.” The Application Server license remains the essential ingredient for putting your web application on line. I apologize for any confusion this may have caused.
    (Susan Bush)

    Page 186:
    Step 23. Bullet should read Table: Calculated Field. Field: amt_due.
    Step 24. Screen shot should read for the above field.
    (Thanks to Evan Vasilew)

    Page 197
    Add the following step: 13A. Remove the filter (created in step 8 on page 196) before continuing.
    (Thanks to Don Edwards)

    Page 201
    Creating a Sub-Report. After “This segment continues…,” Add: Be sure the filter created in step 8 on page 196 has been removed.

    (Thanks to Don Edwards)Page 254
    Important note. Should read “If the button is smaller, only a portion of it will have an image…”
    (Thanks to Dave Gilbert)
    Page 255
    Step 3. Should read “choose Sedona.jpg.”
    (Thanks to Dave Gilbert)

    Page 271:
    Step 1. Should read: Open the clients default browse. (Not clients_query default  browse.)
    (Thanks to Evan Vasilew)
    Page 277:
    Step 14. Do not click Clear Criteria at this time, but take note of that this action will remove all existing search criteria and start a new search.
    (Thanks to Evan Vasilew)
    Page 278:
    Hint. Second date in the expression should read 10/30/2002.
    (Thanks to Evan Vasilew)
    Page 291
    Bottom of page: Should read “Setup Tab: Control Type: Check Box
    (Thanks to Dave Gilbert)
    Page 292
    Hint: Remove “Checkbox True Value: T and Checkbox False Value: F.” Should be:
    Checkmarked; Indented Checkmarked, Diamonds and Style
    (Thanks to Dave Gilbert)

    Page 301-2:
    Steps 8, 16, 17. File name should be ClientsDefaultForm. (Not ClientsDefaultFormCopy.)
    (Thanks to Evan Vasilew)

    Page 305
    Step 30: Should read “Click CLOSE to close the Xbasic Code window.”
    (Thanks to Dave Gilbert)

    Page 314:
    After step l: Order, add the following step: Field to return: Choose Client_id.
    (Thanks to Evan Vasilew)

    Page 464.
    Step 3 should be: ….type C:\A5_VER~1\A4_DATA\SEM_RPT.SET
    Step 9 will vary depending on the Windows version.
    Instructions and Figure 7 screen shot are for Windows 98.
    For XP, Click on the icon in the very upper left corner of your screen.
    Figure 7 screen shot will look like this.

    (Thanks to Frances Peake)

    Alpha Five Made Easy, The Basics and More for Version 6 Corrections:

    First Printing as of 7/9/08

    Page xi:
    The instructions for the installation of the companion files are for Windows 98. If you are having difficulty installing them using Windows 2000 or Windows XP, click here
    (Thanks to Chris Schmink)
    First Printing as of 4/4/05.

    Page 21:
    Step 43. As of 4/4/05, there is a bug in Version 6 that requires the box "Do not store mask literals in field" be checked in order for the period to show up in the field on data entry as described in this step.
    (Thanks to Bob Talbot and Tom Cone)

    Pages 24:
    Step 57: If a period does not appear automatically when the Middle Initial is entered, see work around for Page 21, Step 43 above. (Return to Field Rules > Middle Initial field > Data Entry. Check "Do not store mask literals in field" and then return to entering data. The period should appear.)

    (Thanks to Bob Talbot and Tom Cone) Page 255: last line of Hint:
    Result: Import.Run("NewClientImport) error: needs a closing quote
    Should be: Import.Run("NewClientImport")
    (Thanks to Jerry Duke..)
    Page 285:
    Set-up Tab (9 lines from bottom of the page);
    error is "Data" Combo Box used for the box type
    Reads: Set-up Tab: Field Type: Record List-Data Combo Box
    Should read: Set-up Tab: Field Type: Record List-Edit Combo Box
    (Thanks to Jerry Duke..)

    Page 302:
    Steps 13 & 14, "Link Properties" options -
    Read: Link Properties > Display what link?:
    Should be: Link Properties > Display what in link?: (The "in" is missing.)
    (Thanks to Jerry Duke..)

    Page 328:
    Deleting Temporary Files; subparagraph under para 1:
    Reads: On most computers, this ... c:\Program Files\A4V6
    Should be: ... c:\Program Files\A5V6
    (Thanks to Jerry Duke..)

    Alpha Five Made Easy, The Basics and More for Version 5 Corrections:

    First Printing as of 7/9/08

    Page xi
    – 2nd screen shot:
    Please cross out “Easter Egg.” That database is not included with the Companion Files that accompany the Version 5 book.

    (Thanks to: George Thompson.)

    Page 22
    52. (Insert above “Understanding Functions and Expressions,” after step 51.) Press CTRL+S to save the Field Rules.

    53. Click Table Structure on the Toolbar.
    If you had changes to make, you would make and save them at this time. 54. Click Field Rules to return.
    (Thanks to George Thompson) Page 263: (Changes in blue)

    Due to a recent software update, Step 5 of Compacting the Database should read:

    5. Choose File > Database Compact.

    • A message box opens that says: "Please wait Alpha Five is compacting the database." Depending on the size of the database and the speed of the CPU, the compact operation may take a while. Be Patient! Numbers will appear and other movement will be noticed in the status bar.
    • When the process is finished a new message box will open that says: "Database compact completed."

    The last part of Step 2 of Getting Rid of the $$$$$$$$$$$ was inadvertently omitted. (Changes in blue.)

    2. Delete all files beginning with $$.

    • If you are on a Peer-to-Peer network, all users should also check their A5V5 folders for leftover $$$.
      (Thanks to Barry Rochford.

    First Printing as of 11/21/2002Page xi – 2nd screen shot:
    Please cross out “Easter Egg.” That database is not included with the Companion Files that accompany the Version 5 book.
    Page 22
    52. (Insert above “Understanding Functions and Expressions,” after step 51.) Press CTRL+S to save the Field Rules.

    53. Click Table Structure on the Toolbar.
    If you had changes to make, you would make and save them at this time. 54. Click Field Rules to return.
    (Thanks to George Thompson)Page 24:
    Step 1 - Open Field Rules for the seminars_practice table.
    Right click on seminars_practice table and choose Field Rules.
    Step 3 - Screen shot: Shows seminars.dbf. Should be seminars_practice.dbf. Otherwise illustration is ok.

    (Thanks to K.W. Vondenstein)Page 24: Defining Lookups
    Step 6 - Linking Field: Click the Smart Button to open the Expression Builder; click Create Order Using Genie; Sort by: Choose Venue_id. (Click OK Twice)
    Step 7 - Display Order: Repeat Step 6 and choose Site_name from the Order Builder.
    (Click OK Twice)
    (Thanks to Fred W. Malmsheimer)
    Page 27: Entering Data
    Step 1-
    Open the default browse for the Seminars table for the following exercises.
    Alpha Five Control Panel > Tables & Sets tab. Double click on the Seminars table.
    (Thanks to George Coleman) Page 37: Creating a One-to-Many link
    Step 29 - Parent Linking Field: Seminar_ID
    Step 30 - Child Linking Field: Seminar_ID

    (Thanks to Charlain Fondren and Fred W. Malmsheimer)Page 52:
    Step 27 (c). Should read: Print, Print Preview, Print Setup.
    (Thanks to Fernando Alvarez, Miami, FL)
    Page 65: Forms and Browses
    Sometimes Alpha Five does not remember the new tab name unless you leave the entry box.
    It is a bit like needing to leave the cell in a spreadsheet application for the entry to be recorded. Change the following step to read:
    Step 17 - Add a new tab - Answers (Press UP ARROW after entering new name)

    (Thanks to Al Kuntz, New Jersey)

    Page 72:
    Step 36: Order Expression: Click on the button with the up/down arrows in the Order Expression Smart Field. The Order Builder opens. The corrected screen shot should look like this: