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Book on CD - Mayflower to Missouri


Mayflower to Missouri

by Susan Hussey Bush

A pictorial genealogy of the Bush and Barrett Families

Ancestors and Descendants of Howard Lewis and Ruth Esther (Barrett) Bush

And others collected along the way

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  • More than a genealogy of the Bush and Barrett families, this book weaves a rich tapestry of interwoven events, places and people. Follow their parallel journeys from Massachusetts, New Hampshire and early New York State into Ohio where, at last, they come together.

The progenitors of the Bush and Barrett families all came to the newly formed colony of Plymouth in the early 1600’s. Since there were few settlements at that time, it is reasonable their paths should cross. It does seem, however that their connection to each other transcends coincidence.

This is a book you and your family will treasure for years to come. Five lines are highlighted, however many more are mentioned. Maybe you'll find some background on your relatives! 

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Mayflower to Missouri

1620 - 2006

Genealogies: Alvord, Avery, Bush, Barrett, Beedle (Bedel), Cleveland, Hopkins

These families all took part in the settling of early Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York State, Michigan and Ohio. They were founders and first settlers. They were physicians and farmers. They served in the French and Indian, Revolutionary, Civil and two World Wars. One was a "witch" and another, "America's First Poetess." They were the backbone of America, braving hostile Indians and wild animals. They were in the forefront as each new frontier opened. And each has a story.

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Susan Bush relates, "This is started out as a family record and wound up a rich tapestry of interwoven events, places, times and people. The major theme recounts the history of the Bush and Barrett families, their ancestors and their travels, who they are and who they collected along the way."

The following excerpts give a glimpse into the people and their stories.

Ruth Esther (Barrett) Bush, Mother, teacher and poet.

The Bush Family, 1949

Rear: Richard and Channing

Front: Anne, Kathryn, Ruth and Carol

Unwanted One

by Ruth Bush

We did not want or see the need of you,

The wages of a middle-aged and almost temperate love,

You were not in our plans for life, you were an afterthought.

Our half-grown ones completely filled our need for pride and joy.

And then you came—we held you warm and soft within our arms.

You looked at us with dark and yet unseeing eyes.

And then we knew, although unwanted, through the miracle of tardy birth

O little one, you were transfigured into our last but almost best beloved.

Howard Bush: Newspaper publisher

A paper should belong to all the people

"In 1952, Howard Bush left Montpelier, Ohio to search for a newspaper to buy, traveling all the way California. A newspaper is so much a part of the community it serves that both need to be examined together. The quest ended and a new life for the family began in 1952 with the purchase of The Neosho Times and The Neosho Democrat. Daughter, Anne, says, 'He always claimed the name change had nothing to do with the fact that he was a Republican. He said a paper should belong to all the people.'"

Excerpt, page 40

The old photos, many dating from the 1800's, were the inspiration for the book. They were compiled, researched and identified by Ruth and her youngest daughter, Kathryn.

Laurence Bush, 1898 - 1912

Howard's brother

Emily Babcock Bush

Aaron's wife ca 1860

Aaron Celadon Bush in

his Civil War uniform ca 1861

Carrie Holden Bush, ca 1894

Howard's grandmother

This book is filled with photographs and anecdotes that you will enjoy. And, who knows, maybe you'll come across a member of your family! If you do, please be sure to post a message at the Review tab.

Book Specifications:
Size: 8 1/2 X 11
No of pages: 383
Cover: Heavy duty laminate.
Binding: Spiral Binding

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