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Alpha Five Web Applications Made Easy

The Basics and More for Version 11

What's inside . . .

  • Ch 1: Sensational System: How designing for the web with Alpha Five is unique.
  • Ch 2: Marvelous Moves: Introduction to Web Components, the heart of the Alpha Five web system
  • Ch 3: Heavenly Help: Learn how to find all the help you need with the Documentation Viewer and Video Finder.
  • Ch 4: Solid Security: Keep the bad guys out with the Application Server's security system.
  • Ch 5: Amazing Attributes: The Web Application Control Panel is packed with feature after feature after feature.
  • Ch 6: Setup Settings: Templates, types of grids, tables and views. Learn all you need to know!
  • Ch 7: Fun with Fields: Forms and frames and links and lookups lead to great grids!
  • Ch 8: Dynamite Dialogs: Learn all about the component that talks to your users and readies you for mobile.
  • Ch 9: Perfect Packages: Put everything together with the Tabbed UI, Page Layout and Navigations System components and learn about the free Feature Packs.
  • Ch 10: Sexy SQL Secrets: Connect to your remote database and use Alpha Five's user friendly features at the same time.
  • Ch 11: Internet Installation: What you need to do to take the final steps of putting your application on-line.
  • Ch 12: Helpful Hints: More morsels of interesting information!

Appendix: A pictorial review of components so you can choose just the right one while you are working on your application!

Check out the Table of Contents and then take a look at some sample pages . . .

Chapter 7: Fun with Fields: Add lookups and lots more special features.

Chapter 8: Dynamite Dialogs: Just a sampling of what these amazing components can do.

Chapter 9: Perfect Packages:More web components and free Feature Packs!

Book Specifications:

Size: 8 1/2 X 11
No of pages: 510
Cover: Heavy duty laminate.
Binding: Spiral Binding